Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pace Cars on the Interstate

The thrill of speeding down GA 400 just isn't there for me. I hate having to risk my life every time I go into Atlanta. Drive the speed limit? Almost an impossible thing to do without getting rear ended. The idea of POSTING variable speed limits -- as is, apparently, the plan for the 285, is ludicrous.

What would work? Perhaps an idea that Los Angeles police used to use -- don't know if they still do it. They'd send out their cop cars and have them simply drive at the posted limits. Funny how people would slow down. Not cool to pass a black and white that could switch on the lights and pull you over at will. Traffic was remarkably under control in spite of the many freeways that knit that area together.

Last night I drove home on the interstates. It was pouring down rain, people did slow down -- mostly to the speed limits. It was still a white knuckle ride, lane markings not very clear. The Russian roulette of our roads is a shame and a pity. Unnecessary grief and pain. And this is to say nothing of the daily difficulty of getting from one place to another because roads are blocked by crashes. It is a very stupid system that is out of control. Let's just admit it and do something about it.

Why did it take me an hour-and-a-half to get from Alpharetta to Atlanta Thursday night? Accidents, of course. It's come to the point where I plan on those delays and start out early whenever I really want to get someplace.

Let's make it better.

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