Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I resent being among the working poor!

No matter how much I work, my money gets sucked out of my hands before I can even count it.

About our economy -- Do you remember when you could watch your television for free? You didn't have to purchase cable? Your telephone was a landline and it was cheap? You could live and work without having to pay for internet? And there was a certain joy in going to the mailbox and finding a handwritten note...we also talked to each other and got together a whole lot more.

If we go back further, before the suburbs were a fact of life and interstate highways meant we risked out lives to go out the door and get in our cars (which also cost us a fortune (cost of cars, registration, fuel, repairs, insurance, tolls)...walking didn't cost anything except shoe leather and it kept people healthy. Little wonder that we're poor, even those who work are now known as the "working poor." How cool is that? Marketing experts figure out how to sell us more and give us less. And all of us have too much junk. Not treasures, junk.

Today the stock market is going gangbusters. Yeah, and the middle class can no longer afford to invest. Isn't that terribly, terribly interesting?

We're a democracy, why can't people "get it" and vote people into office who will stand up for our rights? How can we let ourselves be so bamboozled the corporate elite that lock us out of their worldfacebook.com? Okay, we did a very decent job of getting a great president into office -- but how could our country get sold down the river by so many people in Congress who pander to the rich? It doesn't make sense to me at all.

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