Friday, March 29, 2013

Oh, my limo is waiting...

     Thinking about transportation to and from Atlanta. Living in Alpharetta, I have to force myself to drive into the city despite the fact that I have a million reasons to go there. Good stuff going on. Sometimes great.   
     Anyway, I was reading about Roswell thinking of spending -- I think it was $40 or $50 million to make a road improvement (read widening) -- tons of cement, bringing more traffic past homes. What if just a few million were invest in limousines -- you know, those stretch vehicles that go back and forth to the airport -- and use them to connect to MARTA -- or drive all the way to the city, to Marietta, to wherever commuters go.
     Organize each car so that people are going to roughly the same location and get driven to their destination. (They've already been picked up at their driveway or a parking lot that has been established.) The passenger pays a reasonable cost -- less than an ordinary limo -- but enough so that the trade-off of not using a car and paying for gas, etc. is a no-brainer.
     If there were enough of them, so many cars could be taken off the road. So much less traffic. Less stress on drivers before and after their days begin. And look at our skies -- so much less pollution. Even if the city is picking up the tab for some of the expense -- still not as expensive as building those roads that are a blight on property values, quality of life -- and sheer cost of construction-- and repair -- and upkeep. 
     I really like the idea of limousines. Doesn't have to be private -- No, we're not talking super luxury with the bar and the tv. Yet, so much more useful than buses that are inconvenient, cause terrible noise and air pollution and by nature do not get us where we need to go.
     I'd definitely go into town more often if this were a reality. A lot of the older folks I know in the suburbs say they just don't go into Atlanta anymore. Now, that's a terrible shame. It's the center of our culture and social activities.
    And, oh, yes, the limo would be available to take us home -- again, a group thing. Close your eyes, relax and wait until you get to your doorstep. Now, what's wrong with that?

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