Tuesday, March 19, 2013

God Loves Uganda, A Very Powerful Film

Two nights ago, I sat in the Plaza Theater and watched, stunned by the story that unfolded. Find a way to see this film. This is a world-wide movement that we can't afford to ignore.
Terrible, terrible people -- spreading hate. Innocent, young missionaries going to Uganda have no idea what is behind their words and the forces being unleashed.

A very important movie -- tells the story of corruption in the evangelical church -- buying church leaders in Uganda and spreading hate messages about gays. A terrible, terrible network that has no mercy and isn't about teaching goodness and love of God. Innocent young people from the U.S. are going to Uganda as missionaries without knowing what is behind the movement -- or what they are doing to that society.
God Loves Uganda: Trailer
http://www.GodLovesUganda.com http://www.Facebook.com/GodLovesUganda http://www.Twitter.com/GodLovesUganda The feature length documentary God Loves Uganda is...

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