Thursday, May 30, 2013

Boycott of Target Is in Order!

What follow is  a disturbing response from Target regarding poisonous COCO MULCH that can be deadly to cats and dogs (verified on Here is my response and their message today:

Dear Cathy,

I regret that you consider a poisonous substance merely matter of "taste." Killing domestic animals is not acceptable. Until I hear that Target has stopped selling coco mulch, I will contact every organization that may have an interest in this and urge them to boycott Target.

Again, this is with deep regret that Target is not taking this matter more seriously.

Your former customer,

Loretta Paraguassu
Date: Thu, 30 May 2013 09:35:40 -0500
Subject: Your Comments About our Merchandise

Dear Loretta Paraguassu,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been offended by us selling the Coco Mulch at Target®.

Target welcomes everyone to shop in our stores and has a long history of offering a large assortment of merchandise to a wide variety of guests. Though we serve a significant number of families across the country, we also serve many guests with diverse tastes and interests. Occasionally, we carry merchandise that some guests may find objectionable, as was your experience.

I apologize that you’ve been disappointed by our mulch selection. Your feedback is a big help to us, so I’ll be sure to share your comments with our buyers.

Have questions or want more information about our stores, products or service? Give us a call at (800)440-0680. You can also drop by the Guest Service Desk at any store, or visit us on Either way, we’re here to help!

Thanks for shopping with us. We look forward to your next visit to Target.

Target Guest Relations
(800) 440-0680

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Person-Dogs, a personhood long overdue.

This morning, I advised Penny and Boots that they are "person dogs," not just
dogs. If corporations are considered persons, certainly my best friends in fur
coats are definitely more persons than that. P and B have emotions, loyalty,
intelligence and memory. What does a corporation have that even compares
to those qualities? Ergo, personhood for dogs.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Applause for great female role models -- from Vogue Magazine!

     I was just blown away by this month's issue of Vogue Magazine. The ads are foo-foo, but the text!! It goes where we need to go. Profile after profile supports women being confident and strong. Molly Ringwald tells the story of how she dumped "Henri," her French boyfriend when it became clear that he would stifle her career and her self image if she stayed with him. A gay woman running for mayor of New York -- supporting gay marriage -- and celebrating her courage and lifestyle. Choice of clothes in the editorial sections -- comfortable and chic. None of the cheap, sleazy look that gets promoted on red carpets. Even the shoes -- Amazing grace! A person could walk in them without having to risk breaking an ankle.
    Love the venture into what women really want -- not the safe and sane, one guy forever, boredom be damned. But the truth -- life isn't that simple and neither are women. Best of all, we aren't to be condemned if we don't fit the fifties profile.
    Thank you, editors and writers for Vogue. You're doing a great job of telling the story and taking us where we need to go. As a nation we need to grow up and give women credit for the strength, brains and talent we have to offer.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh, those beautiful motorcycle cops!

About a week ago two police on motorcycles -- in the Roswell area on GA400 -- were riding side by side -- no rush. They were in the fast lane going a few miles over the speed limit, but not by much. The response was amazing. Everyone on the road who could see them suddenly abandoned normal heavy pedal foot syndrome and slowed down! No one was going faster than the police.

This is a practice that used to be standard duty for squad cars in L.A. A cop in the family called it being the pace car. So simple and effective. Would love to see more of it here in Georgia. I recently bought myself a life/accident insurance policy. My odds of having it handed to my on GA400 are way better than winning the lottery. Not good.

Police -- are you listening? No need to chase anyone. Maybe city governments don't like it because it isn't a fund raiser if you don't give tickets -- but isn't protecting citizens what police are supposed to do?
Certainly, with summer coming around, taking a little motorcycle duty now and then should be pleasant duty. Might give criminals a few second thoughts about taking to the highways, too. Definitely a win-win policy.