Friday, March 29, 2013

Taxes reminding us of feudal lords

When there were princes and princesses, kings and queens, they taxed the serfs into starvation. Lo and behold! Our Republican "friends" have come up with a very similar idea. How very clever. Take away income tax that might pinch the rich now and then and tax ordinary people who work for a living and may make no more than minimum wage -- which puts them into the poverty pocket. It's cleverly called the "fair tax." Fair! Give me a break. There is nothing fair about it. The rich pay proportionately less, the poor pay proportionately more. Nice going, guys.

If there is immorality, this kind of tax would define it. It's stealing from the poor and struggling middle class to let the rich dance on their tables...overjoyed that they have fooled the masses yet once again. First the banks stole properties, turned them over to "investors," people with cash, who are now renting them at inflated rates -- and whoopee -- the state will jump in and tax those rents! Wow! And that is only the beginning. Healthcare this is already exorbitant, especially if you don't have -- maybe can't afford -- health insurance...and food. Yes, even food. Buy a can of tuna fish and a loaf of bread and pay a tax...even if you can't afford to buy more than those small items. You've emptied your pocket and the state has gone skipping down the street with your money. A state, incidentally, not known for it's honest and ethics. Pay your friends well seems to be the well-used modus operandi.

Good luck, Georgia. Revolt at the polls -- don't wait. Flood the halls of the Capital and scream at the "leaders" who want to steal your scalp.

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