Friday, April 12, 2013

"Dolls in the City" coming along

The exhibit and program for "Dolls in the City" at 2 Rules Fine Art in Marietta is really coming along! It is a sex trafficking protest exhibit that I'm doing under the aegis of WCAGA, Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia. The program is still in the planning stage -- not an easy trick to get everyone to answer phone calls, make a commitment -- but it's looking good! Nerves! The opening reception is coming closer -- Friday night, May 3.

And this is big: Dreamcatchers, an acting troupe with Jacquay Waller -- Producer/Director/Actor -- will present, "Traffik," a theater in the round play at the gallery on Saturday, May 11, 7 p.m.

Finding wonderful work to show has turned out to be the least of the challenges. A deluge of submissions to the show has been a very pleasant surprise. So much talent!

I've never done anything like this before and am awestruck at the dedication and attention to detail that gallery owners Lois Rule and family are putting into this effort. Consider just one item -- lighting -- Lois informed me that they take down ALL the spotlights for every show and start from scratch so that the results can be just right.

I am very aware that the Rules completely renovated the space when they leased it. From gleaming hardwood floors to a remarkable hanging system -- they have gone all out to make their gallery as perfect as possible. The very funny part is that it had been a grocery space before the Rules took it over...with fake, plastic grass on the floor and lots of green paint. A far cry from the perfect white walls that look so right they can easily convince you they have always been there.

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