Monday, April 22, 2013

We have reason to be fearful

A Material Witness
Recently, before the Boston bombing, I realized that I am becoming more cautious about going out at night -- even just to go to the supermarket in our clean and tidy suburb. There have been shootings in our neighborhood, too. Suddenly, things are not quite the same. The feel of it is different.

On facebook, I just aw a report about a shooting in Seattle. Not a surprise.

My response: We're falling into a pattern here that resembles -- more than a little -- a third world country. Poverty at the bottom is where people have nothing to lose. The stress and the anger are a very bad combination. Rich people, GOP, and all the hangers-on who want to identify with the rich -- need to be paying attention. It's time to turn the truck around and stop hiding heads in the sand. Does it have overtones -- dare we say -- of a civil war? The number of people we have in prison -- by percentage I'm not sure how the numbers compare -- but that's a common feature of governments that are NOT democracies. If the rich are ruling here -- as we can see from voting patterns in Congress -- how can we continue to claim that the people have the power? We should be frightened into participating in our government -- of taking advantage of our access to the voting booth while we still can do it.

If this isn't a wake up call, nothing is.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Tragedy of the Boston Marathon in 2013

This year will be remembered for the bombs that went off in Boston.

If it was embittered individuals who set off the bombs -- and it seems to me the most likely possibility -- perhaps we need to examine our national consciences. The idea of drones flying overhead and killing whoever might be below -- innocent or not -- child or adult -- would that not be enough to twist a heart to a place where only vengeance would suffice? That our government does such things because it can bothers me a lot. 
There are hard choices being made -- and I'm very glad I don't have to make them. Yet, I can understand that the heart -- when filled with enough pain -- can harden and wish to inflict pain on others. Acts of war are like this. They inflict pain on the innocent and those who do it don't consider themselves criminals. It is a sad and terrible pattern of human behavior that is not likely to disappear.
Each and every one of us who has any influence at all should call for peace and understanding -- whether it is in our neighborhood or abroad. Individuals who try to calm the gangs and make them see reason, statesmen like Jimmy Carter who make peace keeping around the globe their life's work -- these people are my heroes. 
That this year will be remembered for the bombs in Boston is tragic not only for those who were killed and harmed -- but because it will stand out far above all the good deeds and magnificent achievements that take place every day.

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Dolls in the City" coming along

The exhibit and program for "Dolls in the City" at 2 Rules Fine Art in Marietta is really coming along! It is a sex trafficking protest exhibit that I'm doing under the aegis of WCAGA, Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia. The program is still in the planning stage -- not an easy trick to get everyone to answer phone calls, make a commitment -- but it's looking good! Nerves! The opening reception is coming closer -- Friday night, May 3.

And this is big: Dreamcatchers, an acting troupe with Jacquay Waller -- Producer/Director/Actor -- will present, "Traffik," a theater in the round play at the gallery on Saturday, May 11, 7 p.m.

Finding wonderful work to show has turned out to be the least of the challenges. A deluge of submissions to the show has been a very pleasant surprise. So much talent!

I've never done anything like this before and am awestruck at the dedication and attention to detail that gallery owners Lois Rule and family are putting into this effort. Consider just one item -- lighting -- Lois informed me that they take down ALL the spotlights for every show and start from scratch so that the results can be just right.

I am very aware that the Rules completely renovated the space when they leased it. From gleaming hardwood floors to a remarkable hanging system -- they have gone all out to make their gallery as perfect as possible. The very funny part is that it had been a grocery space before the Rules took it over...with fake, plastic grass on the floor and lots of green paint. A far cry from the perfect white walls that look so right they can easily convince you they have always been there.