Saturday, September 28, 2013

Yoo Hoo! Congress Where are You?

We have the most absurd characters running the United States of America. They compete with cartoons for exaggerated, farcical posturing. Maybe cartoons can't even get there!

Let's take it from another angle: If this were a family -- it is as if mother and father abandoned the children -- without any resources and without taking any responsibility. In such a case, social services would step in and take those children into custody to protect them. 

We don't have a safety net with our government. Should the Supreme Court be able to step in and take charge? Should the President be able to make decisions when Congress virtually abdicates? We have three arms to our government and one of them is not functioning. If this were a third world country -- no question -- the army would stage a coup. End of story.

Perhaps we are being given a chance to understand coup mentality -- and maybe even begin to sympathize. We have a bunch of losers running loose and causing inexcusable harm.

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