Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Are we all going to melt down?


As the craziness in Washington continues, there are sensible people in other places doing their BEST to cope with real problems. Japan is dealing with it's nuclear melt-down, an issue far more serious in its lasting effects.

When we stand back, it is clear that the problem is not this nuclear melt down. It's the issue of a burgeoning population with ongoing needs and demands. The best minds in the world created nuclear power. The best minds in the world are now trying to cope with what they created.

The Chinese were farsighted and when they mandated the chilling, life changing one family, one child policy. They couldn't feed the people they had and they stunned the world with their solution.

Now, our world is faced not only with the cry for food, but the demands for energy. Life has become more and more complicated. Simplicity could save us -- some people see it and try to go that way. Here I am, writing a message on my computer...

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