Monday, September 9, 2013

The Saga of Syria and it's Poor People

Syria! I hear the news -- arguments for punishing the GOVERNMENT of Syria. That's the big flaw in the argument. The GOVERNMENT is not going to suffer. It is PEOPLE in Syria who will be dead and wounded. The thought makes me ill, that we would do this to innocent people. The guilty will be in shelters, I'm sure. I can't buy into this.
When I say "poor'" as in to be pitied, not necessarily poor in wealth. But what is wealth if your life in its entirety is at risk?
To the people of Syria, no matter side, let this be a message of sympathy for your plight. Nothing is good about the situation. So many refugees fleeing a situation they did not create. My heart goes out to all of you.
Politics and power -- great when they work, but the world's worst nightmare when they turn against you. I am 100% sure that President Barack Obama wants to do the right thing -- but what is it? What can be done that will help? We would like to be the heroes, but it doesn't seem possible. Heroes to some, not to others? That's not a big act of heroism.

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