Friday, November 1, 2013

Sticker Shock -- and now it's about buying the news!

     The cost of news these days! I was shocked this week. As I made an effort to subscribe to a number of major newspapers online, I was amazed at how much it costs...on a par with getting health insurance, my friends. 

     There is, perhaps, a reason that our public is so ill-informed. Is it partly because they can't afford it?

     I know news outlets need to bring in money to keep their operations going -- but are they defeating themselves and hurting our society in the process?
It appears that even getting news is a luxury. Okay, Fox

News is free on television. So are the stations that give you the murder of the day, a few car crashes
and very brief tag lines about what's happening at home and abroad. Is that the news? Hardly. Not
an intelligent run-down in any case. No time and with an ear to what their audience wants to hear the
news is "tailored." 

     Sad. Terribly sad for generations growing up without the information they need to function in an intelligent fashion.

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