Friday, November 15, 2013

President Obama, Please don't be so nice!

Yesterday I had a conversation with my brother who lives in Hawaii. He hit the nail on the head. Pres. Obama is still the nice boy from the Islands who is polite to everyone.

It sickens me that he is being so very polite to insurance companies who could give a crap about whether someone lives or dies -- as long as they make their profits, CEOs get their huge bonuses and life in their corner is good. The long-standing modus operandi of only insuring people who would most likely never use their insurance and putting loopholes in fine print that would avoid all kinds of coverage is going to get an extension. How nice! How very, very nice!

I wish our president would stand up and tell it like it is -- Republicans blocked  universal coverage which would have avoided all this nonsense and made the system work. That's the way it is in every other first world country. Just by coincidence (???) their healthcare is far cheaper and superior to ours. Our mortality rates are much much worse. So, hang onto your insurance policies, vote for the Republicans who are protecting their sponsors and everything will go smoothly, right?

Pres. Obama, if you ever get wind of this -- my only complaint is that you are far too nice and far too polite. Taking the blame? Taking the blame for what? None of the the difficulty in getting the Affordable Healthcare Act in gear is your fault.

I would love to see you be RUDE to the people who deserve it.

Thank you.

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