Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Obamacare is NOT the problem

We're just so used to corporations manipulating congress and taking advantage of the consumer. It's not even being mentioned.
Obamacare is not the problem. Remember when democrats tried to get universal coverage and the insurance companies successfully lobbied that idea into extinction? Well, here we are. 
Thanks to corporate power over our congress, they have the power to cancel people's policies when they please. And the policies in the marketplace -- you guessed it -- prices manipulated by the same folks. It doesn't happen in Canada, doesn't happen in France, doesn't happen in Japan...on and on and on. 
Aren't we fortunate to have a "democracy"?? People are complaining about the computer system. That's a minor issue. It will get solved. This is bigger and it isn't going to go away.
I'm a bit disappointed by my friends in the press -- I consider them friends because they are on our side. They don't seem to be accenting the right syl-la'-ble. Old joke, but I think it fits.

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