Monday, October 21, 2013

Glitches, did you say?

Can you HEAR that conversation in the Oval Office? The PRESIDENT'S pet project and the software is giving him a black eye? I do expect that the best computer gurus in this world have been dragged into service and put to work. "You do whatever it takes" has to be the message.

For those of us who live at the mercy of our computers and computer links, we should all be able to understand that the computer does what the computer does. Microsoft? How rich is that company? Their new Windows 8 has people shuddering. Yeah, they've come out with 8.1 real quick, but not before people -- in unison -- said "I don't like it. I don't want it."

About Healthcare -- nothing wrong with that idea. It's only the software. Great idea to keep people from suffering and dying. Only "conservatives" are opposed to doing that. But we have already seen their dingbat behavior and lack of concern for the citizens of this country -- the ones who can't donate billions to their coffers. Even Gov. Rick Perry of Texas did a turn-around and accepted federal support for healthcare -- but who can explain what he does? Even when he does the right thing.

Another day in this very interesting world.

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