Monday, April 15, 2013

The Tragedy of the Boston Marathon in 2013

This year will be remembered for the bombs that went off in Boston.

If it was embittered individuals who set off the bombs -- and it seems to me the most likely possibility -- perhaps we need to examine our national consciences. The idea of drones flying overhead and killing whoever might be below -- innocent or not -- child or adult -- would that not be enough to twist a heart to a place where only vengeance would suffice? That our government does such things because it can bothers me a lot. 
There are hard choices being made -- and I'm very glad I don't have to make them. Yet, I can understand that the heart -- when filled with enough pain -- can harden and wish to inflict pain on others. Acts of war are like this. They inflict pain on the innocent and those who do it don't consider themselves criminals. It is a sad and terrible pattern of human behavior that is not likely to disappear.
Each and every one of us who has any influence at all should call for peace and understanding -- whether it is in our neighborhood or abroad. Individuals who try to calm the gangs and make them see reason, statesmen like Jimmy Carter who make peace keeping around the globe their life's work -- these people are my heroes. 
That this year will be remembered for the bombs in Boston is tragic not only for those who were killed and harmed -- but because it will stand out far above all the good deeds and magnificent achievements that take place every day.

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