Sunday, November 13, 2011

"Noplaceness, Art in a Post-Urban Landscape"

"NOPLACENESS, Art in a Post-Urban Landscape" is a beautiful book that references art in Atlanta,translates the essays by its three authors into Portuguese and Mandarin and attempts to comprehend the globalization that is resulting from our internet connections. In concept and realization, this volume published by Possible Futures, Inc. is the brainchild of Louis Corrigan. Louis has been putting his own money, time and energy into getting the world to notice the creative talent in Atlanta.

How do we make sense of the new connections we are making? How do we get noticed in a world that is moving so fast? Is anyone listening? What is happening out there?
The authors, Jerry Cullum, Catherine Fox and Cinque Hicks all contribute their views in an exceptionally challenging fashion.

I found my mind spinning in response to the heavy questions that are posed in this very thoughtful work. It hits a depth that we don't often encounter. Corrigan's thinking in the preface is on the mark. We have to look to where the world is going, not where it's been. How can we keep up is left as an open question. However, the reality that we have to reach out and work together is obvious. It is not the same world that it was. News outlets don't function the same way. They are fading and being overwhelmed by the internet. And who can catch the waves of that information? It is so very random.

Read the book. It will challenge you. I can promise you that.

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