Friday, November 11, 2011

Launching on 11-11-11!

May this date bring us luck! I want to write about all my talented friends and let the world know we're here. It certainly is time.

Today, I just sent out a couple of messages about Helen Rule. She is such a talented young woman. Her work is on display at Two Rules Gallery on Church Street off the square in Marietta. She created Japanese samurai armor and helmets that can take your breath away if you are at all impressed by craftsmanship. This is sculpture and design. Some of it is based on authentic, historical design, some of it pure whimsy.

One of my first thoughts was that film people need to know about her. A visitor to the gallery stood in front of one of the helmets and stared. He had seen similar originals in Beijing, but he said they weren't as perfect as theses.

Helen also does chain Maille jewelry. Think painstaking perfection. I used to make silver jewelry and I know what it takes to have every link exact. The concentration has to be there -- and the control. Beyond that, her designs are exquisite.

I have a video I shot, but still haven't edited. It will go up later. In the meantime, a couple of photos are my contribution for the day.

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