Friday, November 11, 2011

"Give Me Color! Give Me Life!"

The title almost says it all. Strong colors, gentle colors, a variety of techniques. The colors set the mood. While I can't be accused of being totally abstract -- there are images that appear here and there -- I've turned my back on strictly representational work. Anyone with a moderate amount of skill can do that. I want to do something that is worth doing because it stands alone and makes a statement. It should get to you and make it worth looking into its depth.

My paintings are on exhibit at Montfort's Fine Art Gallery, 41 Church St., Alpharetta. Tomorrow the little village on the street will be making a festival day of it. It should be a lively scene.

When I paint, my inner thoughts and emotions spill onto the canvas or paper. No secrets, no hidden stories. It's all there for you to see. The interesting thing I've found over the years is that everyone sees my work from a different perspective. You bring your own experiences and find reflections. It is almost strange how that works.
One night a young man stood in front of one of my paintings and stared, almost incredulous. He finally turned and said, "That's me!" For him, it was.

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