Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thank you, John Kerry! Saving Afganistan!

For once there is news that isn't depressing and renews faith in our leaders. It was such a relief to read this headline and story from the New York Times:

Afghanistan to Audit Every Vote Cast, Kerry Says
Afghanistan will conduct an audit of the entire eight million votes cast in a runoff vote for the recent presidential election, Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Saturday, a deal he brokered to resolve a tense power struggle between the top two presidential candidates over widespread vote fraud.
The audit will be the largest and most comprehensive possible, Mr. Kerry said at a news conference in Kabul. “Every single ballot that was cast will be audited,” he said. “All eight million of them.”

John Kerry -- if anyone can let you know that someone out there cares -- I wish I could thank you personally for your leadership. Had you only won the presidential race here how different this country might be.  Counting the votes is such a sensible solution! Clean, simple, certainly nowhere near as expensive or devastating as a civil war!

Anywhere in the world where people can be talked into putting down the guns and being reasonable it is certainly a good thing. Life is so short and so much of what goes on is tragically unnecessary. Good grief! We are all going to die anyway.

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