Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Secrets of the Apple Tree Tavern

    BOOK ALERT for those who love a great story:

            Secrets of the Apple Tree Tavern
                             a novel by
                                       Mary Ellen Gavin

                If you want a book that will keep you up until four in the morning because you can’t put it down, this is it. Mary Ellen Gavin has wound the culture and customs of Irish Americans into one cliffhanger after another.
                How can you not care about Francis Fleming, an adorable, plucky, red haired, child?  When he is rescued by a warm hearted, resourceful, Irish cop who doesn’t mind bending the rules avoid dragging the boy to a draconian orphanage, cheers are in order. And that is only the beginning.

  Next, buckle up for the ride. Frank takes off on his journey to adulthood with the help of Mae, a member of the tribe who takes him under her wing and poses as his aunt. She happens to own the Apple Tree Tavern. It’s New York and the bar is a refuge for one and all as they march through the aftermath of the Great Depression only to plunge into the War to End All Wars.
                There are so many more events to share – but the risk of being a spoiler is too great. Discovery is all.
                Mary Ellen infuses each of her characters with a personality that jumps off the page. There are no cardboard figures on her horizon. She gets up close and personal with each and every one of them. It’s a slice of life with no blinking allowed. If there is a chance there will be bleeding, she lets them bleed.

              Yes! People die in and around the Apple Tree Tavern and it isn’t pretty. It’s life! The good, the bad and the ugly are laid bare. At the same time, there is so much loving and caring involved, the reader isn’t given the opportunity to turn away. When I got to the last page, I still wanted more.
                Gavin took ten years to research and write this volume. We can only hope she is secretly working on a sequel and is close to finished.

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