Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How can we blame our children for what we do?

I couldn't believe what I was hearing this morning. A PRESCHOOLER is going to be disciplined for bringing a gun to school. What kind of ignorance flourishes here in Georgia? It is beyond belief. NPR had the story. Nothing mentioned about whoever made that gun available. No one sold a gun to a preschooler. He couldn't have filled out a gun license form. Give me a break. My head hurts just thinking about this. Oh, yes, and they are going to throw the book at -- what is it -- an 8th grader who brought a gun to school. Where are the grownups? Who is taking responsibility here?
Instead of passing reasonable gun control laws, we will put preschoolers behind bars? Or, are we talking time out? With grownups not taking charge, how will our children ever grow up to understand they world they live in?

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