Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh, those beautiful motorcycle cops!

About a week ago two police on motorcycles -- in the Roswell area on GA400 -- were riding side by side -- no rush. They were in the fast lane going a few miles over the speed limit, but not by much. The response was amazing. Everyone on the road who could see them suddenly abandoned normal heavy pedal foot syndrome and slowed down! No one was going faster than the police.

This is a practice that used to be standard duty for squad cars in L.A. A cop in the family called it being the pace car. So simple and effective. Would love to see more of it here in Georgia. I recently bought myself a life/accident insurance policy. My odds of having it handed to my on GA400 are way better than winning the lottery. Not good.

Police -- are you listening? No need to chase anyone. Maybe city governments don't like it because it isn't a fund raiser if you don't give tickets -- but isn't protecting citizens what police are supposed to do?
Certainly, with summer coming around, taking a little motorcycle duty now and then should be pleasant duty. Might give criminals a few second thoughts about taking to the highways, too. Definitely a win-win policy.

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