Sunday, May 26, 2013

Applause for great female role models -- from Vogue Magazine!

     I was just blown away by this month's issue of Vogue Magazine. The ads are foo-foo, but the text!! It goes where we need to go. Profile after profile supports women being confident and strong. Molly Ringwald tells the story of how she dumped "Henri," her French boyfriend when it became clear that he would stifle her career and her self image if she stayed with him. A gay woman running for mayor of New York -- supporting gay marriage -- and celebrating her courage and lifestyle. Choice of clothes in the editorial sections -- comfortable and chic. None of the cheap, sleazy look that gets promoted on red carpets. Even the shoes -- Amazing grace! A person could walk in them without having to risk breaking an ankle.
    Love the venture into what women really want -- not the safe and sane, one guy forever, boredom be damned. But the truth -- life isn't that simple and neither are women. Best of all, we aren't to be condemned if we don't fit the fifties profile.
    Thank you, editors and writers for Vogue. You're doing a great job of telling the story and taking us where we need to go. As a nation we need to grow up and give women credit for the strength, brains and talent we have to offer.

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