Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Great Meryl Streep Tosses a Crumb to Women Writers

There was a big to-do about Meryl Streep funding an "older" women's screenwriting lab. There was a big announcement at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Women make up about 29% of TV writers and a miserable 15% of film writers, and you know who's...
It turns out that older to Ms. Streep is over 40. Great. In the real world that's not very old at all.
Then, we have to take into account that only eight -- numeral 8 -- women will be chosen. And exactly what kind of impact is that supposed to have?
 Actually, that's pretty pathetic and not likely to net much in the long run. I'm disappointed -- but not surprised. The fact that this famous and successful actress has lent her name to the cause IS a big deal, but still...shouldn't there be more?
Who else is going to stand up and make a gesture? I'm reading all kinds of notices about actors and actresses selling their New York properties for multi-millions. No give-back.

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