Monday, November 10, 2014


    An interesting little event this morning: I found my internet and landline were both out. Comcast was down. I was frustrated at not being able to check my messages and start my business day, so I called on my cell and got a message that Comcast services would not be restored until after 1 p.m.

    Then...a friend called me on my cell and said that she had tried my landline first -- only to get a message telling her that Loretta was not taking calls until noon. THAT WAS COMCAST LEAVING A MESSAGE FOR ME! THAT I WAS NOT TAKING CALLS! Not that Comcast was DOWN!!!

    In fact, I do not have a message on my landline at all. What corporate nerve.

    It's very interesting that this episode coincided with Pres. Obama's interest in making net neutrality the law of the land.
I'm sure Comcast executives were in a bad mood anyway, maybe
someone threw a tantrum and hit the wrong switches. I'm not sure it's possible -- but it would play well as the drama of the day.

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